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Customer Review: Power Washing Patio in Westlake, OH

Patio Power Washing In Westlake

Local Power Washing Company Washes Patio in Westlake, OH

We want to thank Kevin Prendergast for his review of our power washing services, in addition to the other services we provided for his household. After a few jobs at his household, such as window cleaning and installing lights, Kevin hired us to power wash his patio, and was pleasantly surprised with our work. Thanks for the review Kevin! It’s customers like you that give us such a great name.

Exceeded expectations. Great multi-source provider.

Description of work:

We had this company install Christmas lights on our home. They did a fabulous job for a price that made putting them up and taking them down an afterthought. We will use them every year now. We then had them do our window cleaning with equally impressive results. We had them then come powerwash our patios. They do a great job.

  • Category: Window Cleaning, Windows, Pressure Washing
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Work Completed Date:
  • Hire Again: Yes


Pressure Washing Services in Westlake

At Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning in Westlake, Ohio we may have gotten our start as a local residential window cleaning company, but it wasn’t long before we expanded into offering gutter cleaning and power washing services. We found our customers really appreciated the level of detail and quality we delivered as cleaning professionals and when so many asked us to provide these services we knew a business expansion was needed.

Now, as a professional power washing company, we offer quality pressure washing services around the Westlake, North Ridgeville, Bay Village and Avon areas at affordable prices. Our customers frequently leave reviews on Angie’s List, BBB, Yelp and more. If you have used our pressure washing services please consider leaving a customer review on Google or Angie’s List so that we may post it for other local home owners in seek of a reliable pressure washing company.

So whether you need your deck, patio, walk way, driveway or sidewalk pressure washed, contact Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning for a reliable and affordable power washing today. Call us at 440-897-6317 or use our contact us form for a free estimate.

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